This Beauty is a fellow photographer in my city. I can not tell you guys how honored I felt she chose me as her photographer.

It's easy for us boudoir photographers to photograph women. But when it comes to being vulnerable and allowing someone to photograph us it gets a little tricky. YES... I know what you are thinking... " but you're a boudoir photographer! You should be confident..... But we are just like you. We let things get to us. We have our own body insecurities. And It's something we work on every day.

When a client comes to me and wants to be photographed, I already have so much admiration and respect for them. Why? Because I know that they are putting themselves out there, they are being vulnerable by letting a stranger photograph them. And for that I admire them. That's the scariest thing but I promise that if you take the leap of faith and just trust that everything will be ok, at the end of this experience you will walk away feeling beautiful. And I feel honored to be trusted with that.

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