Playing with Lights

This shoot was so fun for me but probably the most challenging. If you know me as a photographer I am obsessed with the natural creamy light. Playing with artificial light specifically with these types of tones meant I had to make the room pitch black which gave me all sorts of anxiety. I kept scratching my head because I really had no experience with this type of lighting situation but hey its all part of the growth right?

I was so happy when this particular Babe scheduled a second shoot with me, I just knew it was the perfect opportunity to change it up. I ran my idea by her and she was totally up for it. So now I had to search for these specific lights I ended up purchasing two of the Yongnuo LED lights I will post the link at the bottom of this blog in case you are also interested in playing with lighting. I also needed to purchase two light stands to make this work I will link those below as well.

This was my favorite set the Blues and pinks mixed so well together.

The room was pitch black and the only light source was the color coming off the LED lights

Love the contrast of the green outfit and the yellowish gold coming through.

I purchased this chain set from Amazon. We laughed so hard trying to get it on correctly. It should of came with instructions lol

I hope you enjoyed a few of my favorites from this set! I had so much fun playing with LED Lights.

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Lights used for this shoot: I used 2 of them

Light stands: I used 2 of them

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