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Experience a shoot just for you

Our job is to not only look amazing but feel amazing!  With the help of one of our makeup artist and our professional guidance with posing through out your Boudoir shoot you will be in great hands. 

Our goal is to have you leave our studio feeling good about yourself.  Take all the selfies you can that day so you can remember your experience.


Couples Boudoir

Experience a shoot together

Share this intimate session with your husband, groom, boyfriend, or significant other! Also makes a great Date idea! These sessions can get hot and sexy but yet so fun to share with someone. Your makeup and hair will be done by professional artist.  Then trust Maria's professional photography touch along with her expertise in directing and posing. Her ability to make you both feel comfortable in front of the camera will make for some steamy photos! OR cute! Whichever vision you have! 


Embrace the beauty of pregnancy

 Pregnant women are so Beautiful! What a wonderful way to look back at a special moment in your life with these type of portraits.Your makeup and hair will be done by professional artist. the ideal time for Pregnancy boudoir is 29 to 32 weeks depending on how you feel.  Maternity photos can be done indoors or outdoors.

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Maternity Boudoir
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Creative SHoots

Boudoir with unique lighting or outside of the studio

Maria is all for a new adventure, and new places and be creative to capture the beauty in you. Email us for ideas you have on shoot locations.  

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