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My first ever boudoir experience was with Maria and she made it one to remember. She is so welcoming and makes you so comfortable that any nerves you have go right out the window. I loved her positivity and she makes you feel like a super model! She is so easy to work with and her photos are absolutely stunning. This was the most empowering experience I have ever had and it was all because of Maria! I will definitely be booking another session with her and highly recommend her to everyone else!

Miss J



You are amazing and your work is so fantastic! We cannot stop staring at the beautiful work you did for us. Our book lives on our coffee table! Also THANK YOU for the beautiful prints! We were so grateful to see those as a surprise in our box. We want to frame them and hang them in our bedroom! We cannot wait to rebook with you! So exciting!!!! 


Gorgeous work! Oh and I love the blog post  I’m sharing it with everyone!!!!


You are the best! THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

Miss S

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Maria is beyond amazing!! She is professional and has such a fun personality to work with. This was my first time doing a boudoir shoot. The whole experience I felt comfortable and beautiful! Hands down recommend every women to book a boudoir shoot with Maria. I will definitely be doing this again! Loved every minute of it.

Miss S

This was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. I was worried about feeling uncomfortable, but Maria is so amazing and makes you feel FABULOUS. It was so much fun!

Miss E

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I love working with Maria. I booked not knowing what to expect. During my booking and before my shoot, she specifically tells me whats needed and expectations. I did not feel any pressure from her to purchase my photos. Most importantly, I LOVEEEEEEE all of my photos and can stare at them all day long. Amazing work and beautifully captured!

Miss H

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