Updated: Feb 25

Here are some of my favorite shots done on seamless paper. If you would like to add this type of look to your photoshoot please let me know.

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This Particular client, Came in and knew exactly what she wanted. And she KILLED it. No two sessions are identical, I try really hard to give all my clients something unique. All while maintaining consistency in my work. This client told me from the beginning she wanted the digital collection which is why you see so many images shared from her session. Normally when my clients want a specific album I try to narrow down they're collection and get rid of images that are similar so they don't have a hard time narrowing down the specific amount of images allowed in the particular album they want, so typically you will see 55 images in your catalog unless if you let me know that you want all of your digitals then your gallery could have 85 +images.

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Do you really need an excuse to treat yourself to a Boudoir session? Think about it. Beautiful images of yourself that you can cherish forever. Do you need to be in love? NO. All you need is to want to be photographed. That's a reason enough for me.

If you want flowers incorporated into your shoot please let me know before your session date.

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