I had so much fun working with this couple! This particular client is also a boudoir photographer who lives three hours away and really wanted to work with me so she booked a couples session. I love that I got the opportunity to capture their love.

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Evening studio sessions are now available!

Please make sure to mention that you are looking for an evening shoot if you want this type of look for your session <3

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Self empowerment is the most beautiful thing a women can experience. Not having to explain yourself to anyone. Learning to love your good and bad habits. Working on yourself so that you can experience happiness without pleasing others, we are all on this journey and I hope I get to be a part of your self love declaration.

Studio session at our Plymouth Location. Made this room all black because who doesn't love the color Black? It goes with EVERYTHING.

I have Been loving playing with light! Adding a splash of color to spice up your images <3

My client printed this as a huge 24x36 Metal wall art. As she should! It printed absolutely stunning! So happy for her.

I love the variety of lighting I get on sunny days at the studio. Seriously ! STUNNING

DO it FOR YOU! If you are thinking of doing this as a gift.... THEY ARE LUCKY!

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