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Boudoir session Testimonial

I often get asked why Boudoir?

Why photograph women like this?

The thing is, It makes me genuinly happpy bringing this side of women out. We all have it in us. The sexiness, the desire to feel good about ourselves. Who doesn't want that?

If I can help someone who desires to let that energy out

I want to be the person who creates a safe place for them to do so and have fun while doing it.

My client was soooo nervous to do this session. She was worried she wasn't girly enough. But if you trust the process and communicate with your photographer you will walk away with not only great photos of yourself but also a new foundness of yourself.

I truly hope that if a Boudoir session is something you dream of doing that you give yourself the gift and allow yourself to be vulnerable and be open to the experience <3

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