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My Version of Burn the dress

I got a DM from a past client, asking me if I had ever done a "Burn the dress" photoshoot. For those not familiar it's a photoshoot where a women who has finalized her divorce sets her dress on fire. Celebrating the end of something and reclaiming her power back.

I had never photographed a burn the dress ceremony so when my client asked me I instantly thought about what the images would look like and I didn't love the idea of smoke and fire.

I got on the phone with her and after hearing her talk and be vulnerable with me, I knew exactly how I wanted to photograph this moment in her life. I did a two part photoshoot.

The first part is my version of burn the dress but Ironically she is in water, I won't go into details because it's not my story to be shared. But I wanted to portray the feeling of drowning..... suffocating.

The second part of the photoshoot I wanted to celebrate her, how beautiful she is, how strong she is, how much I admired her vulnerability.

Vulnerability is a beautiful and scary thing, but we all have it in us. Thank you Alex for your powerful message.

*This photoshoot was done in an AIRBNB In McHenry,IL

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