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First week of my kids being full time at school

As I'm uploading these images in the peace and quite of my home I can't help but get a little emotional ...... I started my business Almost five years ago When my youngest was 10 months old.

I work so hard the first year with an infant on my lap. Started something that I had zero background in. I didn’t even know how to use the camera I bought off eBay.

Through out the past few years I struggled so much to balance being a mom to my young children while also pursuing something I felt passionate about.

I felt an immense sense of guilt any time I would sit down to edit knowing I wasn’t being fully present for my sons.

Whenever I would fully immerse myself in growing Rebellious Angels it meant I had to make sacrifices. Being a stay at home parent but also trying to run a business is something that I would never try to do again but I am so proud of myself for being able to grow this little passion of mine into a full blown beautiful studio that I’ve managed to successfully run while also being the best mom I could possibly be.

I know my boys who are now 7 and 5 and both in school full time will always remember how I was able to be there for them. Even the bits when I had to tell them to give me time work.

Now as this is the first year they will both be in school full time, I finally have the opportunity to fully focus on my work, to grow. To be a better photographer for my clients. I never ever imagined I would be this happy with where I am at with my business. Running my dream space, working with my DREAM clients.

Thank you whoever you are for being on my website looking at my work.

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